Emily Writes’ play Rants in the Dark comes to Auckland

Blog writer turned best-selling-author Emily Writes has announced her brilliant new play Rants in the Dark is coming to Auckland in May 2019.

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Emily Writes’ hilariously authentic play Rants in the Dark opens at the Bruce Mason Centre in Auckland this May, where just four shows will be performed.

“People across the world connected to the words every parent thinks at 4am after the third wake-up of the night, but would rarely be brave enough to say out loud,” she writes on her website.

Based on her viral blog post which captivated one million readers overnight, the play is a “mess of contradiction,” offering audiences a comical and candid take on the ups and downs of Writes’ experience as a mother of two boys (and their greyhound, Twinkle). The play has received rave reviews from industry critics and is sure to be a must-see event for parents and grandparents alike.

Revelling in the truths of parenthood, the play has been adapted for a live audience by writer and performer Mel Dodge, renowned director Lyndee-Jane Rutherford and Good Times Company producer Bevin Linkhorn. The play stars some of New Zealand’s top actors including Renee Lyons (Funny Girls, 800 Words), Bronwyn Turei (Go Girls, Shortland Street – The Musical) and Amelia Reid-Meredith (Shortland Street).

Emily Writes’ Rants in the Dark will be performed at Bruce Mason Centre, Auckland from Thursday 16 May until Saturday 18 May. Tickets are available from