Mamma Mia! can easily be called a tribute to ABBA fans all around the world. A production favourite, the musical has been watched by over 54 million people worldwide, making it safe to say this local make of the classic is a certified hit. Brought to you by the Auckland Music Theatre and Amici Productions, the musical takes audiences into the life of a young woman named Sophie on a Greek island paradise, who quite the dreamer, has fallen madly in love with a young boy named Sky. The two quickly become engaged and it is Sophie’s dream to have her father walk her down the aisle. But, who is her father? The answer to that question leads to her mother’s diary and three mysterious men from her past each having their own unique story to tell.

The title of the musical is taken from the ABBA hit “Mamma Mia!” in 1975. ABBA, a Swedish pop/dance group from 1972-1982 is one of the most internationally popular groups of all time, topping charts in Europe, North America and Australia. Their outlandish outfits and hit songs like “Take a chance on me,” and “Thank you for the music,” is embedded within pop culture history and subsequently this musical, which has been a proven success since its premiere in London during the year 1999. Mamma Mia! has no doubt kept ABBA songs well and alive, a film adaptation starring super-star Meryl Streep further propelled the success of the band and musical. Audiences are not to think of this as a jukebox compendium to ABBA hits, but a live on-stage production with a stellar cast and memorable storyline.

Award winning Delia Hannah gives a memorable performance as the mother Donna and shows audiences her remarkable vocal range and acting prowess. Jackie Clarke as Rosie plays an unmarried fun-loving author and former member of “Donna and the Dynamos,” bringing a cougar-rific spin to “Take a chance on me”. Director Grant Meese integrates the right amount of humour, fun, drama and dance without overwhelming audiences. Teesh Szabo’s choreography also brings a sexy sizzle to the table, leaving us begging for more after the ample display of male skin in the popular flipper & snorkel number.

Mamma Mia! is of young love, lost love and the beauty of song all illuminated by ABBA’s timeless hits. The musical brings audiences the urge to wear bell bottoms, platform heels and white satin adorned with shiny beads and mini disco balls. Get ready New Zealand, Mamma Mia! is here and ready to rumble.

Track list includes:

  • Super Trouper
  • Lay All Your Love on Me
  • Dancing Queen
  • Knowing Me, Knowing You
  • Take a Chance on Me
  • Thank You for the Music
  • Money, Money, Money
  • The Winner Takes It All
  • Voulez Vous
  •  SOS
  • Mamma Mia!