Top Tribute Acts

It is commonly said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If that is true, there are many great musicians and bands who should feel very flattered.

Tribute performances for great artists – both living and dead – are popping up everywhere. Ticketmaster has compiled a list of some of our favourite tribute shows currently playing in New Zealand. We hope you enjoy!

Peace Train: The Cat Stevens Story

Darren Coggan captures the uniqueness of Cat Stevens in his performance of Peace Train: The Cat Stevens Story. Stevens has an extensive back catalogue of classic hits and Coggan has remarkable authenticity when performing. As well as singing, Coggan tells the story behind the music and brings to life one of the most charismatic and talented performers of his generation. Peace Train: The Cat Stevens Story will be performed at the Auckland Town Hall Great Hall on September 12. Click here to purchase tickets.

Our Top Pick: Father and Son

There is a huge back catalogue of classic Cat Stevens tunes that we could have picked, but we settled on the 1970 hit Father and Son. The song explores the relationship between a father and his son and is Stevens at his story-telling best.

Let It Be

While The Beatles have spawned many cover groups, Let It Be – A Beatles Celebration is a tribute at the next level. Let It Be has been seen by more than 1 million people worldwide and has featured on Broadway and London’s West End. The performance features more than 40 Beatles classics and is a show not to be missed. A night at Let It Be is the closest thing you will get to seeing The Beatles live! The group will perform at The Civic from March 26 until April 4. Click here to purchase tickets now.

Our Top Pick:  Let It Be

How could we go past this tribute act’s namesake as our top pick? Let It Be was one of The Beatles’ last singles and in our opinion it is one of their best. The song remains an absolute classic 45 years after it was released.

The Beatles- Let It Be (Live In Studio)

Thriller Live

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson will come to life on stage with Thriller Live. The incredible production celebrates the life and music of one of pop’s most celebrated and successful performers. With all his incredible hits as well as amazing dancing and performances, Thriller Live is one show you cannot miss. The show is now on at The Civic until February 22. Click here to purchase tickets.

Our Top Pick: Thriller

As well as becoming a worldwide smash hit upon release, Thriller revolutionised the music industry. The epic song was accompanied by a theatrical music video that changed everything we thought we knew about video clips. As well as the amazing film clip, Thriller is a brilliant song made all the more brilliant by the amazing vocals of Michael Jackson and his physics-defying dance moves. Enjoy!

Michael Jackson - Thriller (Official 4K Video)

Pink Floyd Experience

The Pink Floyd Experience celebrates the incredible ninth studio album of Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here. It has been 40 years since Wish You Were Here was released and many still consider it the finest example of Pink Floyd’s work. The album – which was a number 1 hit in both the USA and UK – will be performed in its entirety alongside many other classic Pink Floyd tracks. The Pink Floyd Experience will take the audience on a journey back in time with an almost three hour show that features an 11-piece band. If you are a true Pink Floyd fan, this is one event you cannot miss. The Pink Floyd Experience will be performed at the Civic Theatre on May 22, the Bruce Mason Centre on May 29 and 30 and the TSB Showplace on June 4. Click here to purchase tickets.

Our Top Pick: Another Brick In The Wall (Part Two)

It is always hard to select just one song from a band with such a legendary back catalogue of hits, but we settled on Another Brick In The Wall (Part Two). You’d be hard-pressed to find a person who does not know this classic Pink Floyd hit and we think it is a great example of the iconic rock band’s work – especially the mid-song guitar solo.

Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall, Part Two (Official Music Video)

The Buddy Holly Story

Step back in time and experience the amazing Buddy Holly Story. The show features two hours of timeless Buddy Holly hits including Rave On, That’ll Be The Day, Shout, Oh Boy and Johnny B. Goode. The Buddy Holly Story has been seen by more than 22 million fans – that many people cannot be wrong! Buddy will be appearing on stage at Vector Arena on March 27, at the TSB Showplace on March 28 and 29 and at the Civic Theatre on April 3. Click here to purchase tickets.

Our Top Pick: Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue is a quintessential 1950s rock ‘n’ roll song. One of Buddy Holly’s biggest hits, we’ve selected Peggy Sue because it is a feel good ditty that just makes you want to get up and dance!

BUDDY HOLLY - Peggy sue - Vidéo clip

The Beatle Boys

There are few bands in the world that can lay claim to having as many tribute acts as The Beatles. And to prove it, this is the second Beatles act in our list! But lucky for you, The Beatle Boys are the real deal. And lucky for them, you can never get enough of genuinely great Beatles tribute acts. The Beatle Boys are appearing in New Zealand to commemorate the 1964 tour of the Fab Four, more than 50 years ago. The Beatle Boys will perform the 1964 tour concert as it was performed five decades ago – it is just like seeing The Beatles live! The Beatle Boys will perform at Auckland Town Hall on June 5. Click here to get your tickets.

Our Top Pick: I Want to Hold Your Hand

I Want To Hold Your Hand was one of the stand out songs performed by The Beatles on their 1964 world tour. The track is so catchy and fun and is so reflective of the great Beatles sound everyone knows and loves. Picking just one Beatles song is never easy, but we think everyone will enjoy listening to I Want To Hold Your Hand.

The Beatles - I Want To Hold your Hand [HD]

Mamma Mia

While this is not strictly a tribute act, Mamma Mia was created based on the songs  of legendary Swedish group, Abba. The story – which just happens to be a hilarious adventure set on a Greek island – happens around an amazing soundtrack of Abba’s back catalogue. Mamma Mia has been wowing audiences all over the world for more than 15 years and now it is New Zealand’s turn to experience this smash hit live on stage. Mamma Mia is currently playing at the Civic Theatre until February 28. The production will be performed at TSB Showplace from April 16 until May 2. Click here for tickets.

Our Top Pick: Dancing Queen

This crowd pleaser is a sure-fire way to get people on the dance floor. It is hard to resist the pop beats of this ABBA classic that was released in 1976 on the album Arrival.

Abba - Dancing Queen (Official Music Video Remastered)

Queen – It’s a Kinda Magic

Featuring more than 20 hits, Queen – It’s a Kinda Magic celebrates the life of times of Queen and its incredible frontman, Freddie Mercury. The theatrical creation has been praised by Peter Freestone, Mercury’s official biographer and personal assistant, and stars Giles Taylor. Queen – It’s a Kinda Magic is on at the Civic Theatre on April 24, the Bruce Mason Centre on May 6 and TSB Showplace on May 12. Click here to purchase tickets to any of the performances.

Our Top Pick: Live Aid Performance

OK, we know we are breaking the rules a little here, but Queen’s performance at Live Aid in 1985 is too good not to include. The group – led by star frontman Freddie Mercury – blew the audience away with an amazing 20-minute performance that included Bohemian Rhapsody/Radio Ga Ga, Hammer to Fall, Crazy Little Thing Called Love and We Will Rock you/We are the Champions.