Le Noir: A feast for the senses

If you think you know what a circus should look like, think again. Le Noir, the Dark Side of Cirque, is revolutionising the contemporary circus and is winning fans all over the world.


The sexy, seductive and witty performances combine traditional circus arts with a unique theatrical experience that has to be seen to be believed.

World-class performers will tantalise and shock the audience with their amazing artistry including spell binding displays of contortion, balance, aerial artistry and stamina. For many, the highlight is the Aerial Cradle – the only act of its kind in the world.

The greatest thing about being an audience member at Le Noir is that you are truly a part of the show. The performance offers a 360 degree view with theatre style seating on one side and on stage seating around the main stage.

It is a truly unique experience to sit on the stage of a major theatre. The treat is normally reserved for the world’s best performers, but at Le Noir you will be the one under the spotlight on intimate tables of four that are ideal for a fun night out with friends and loved ones.

Le Noir will kick off in New Zealand at The Civic in Auckland from October 28 until November 8. The season is strictly limited and this is one event you do not want to miss! Click here to purchase ticket now.

And just to prove how incredible Le Noir is as a spectacle, we have included some very impressive images from the show. Enjoy!