A new look for Ticketmaster around the world

Over the coming weeks and months, you will notice major changes to the look and feel of Ticketmaster all over the world.

In line with a global strategy, Ticketmaster in New Zealand and Australia is rebranding so customers and clients will now see a new look throughout Ticketmaster’s touch points, most notably our fresh new websites.

If you have visited the Ticketmaster websites today, you will have noticed major changes to the colours and overall look. While the sites now have a clean, slick new look, the functionality and features remain the same. Users who are familiar with using Ticketmaster’s websites will see no difference in the search phase or purchase journey – it just looks a whole lot better!

Additionally, you may have already noticed a few immediate changes to other collateral including updates to our email signatures, social media icons, stationery and business cards.

Over the coming months, Ticketmaster will be updating the ‘big ticket’ items such as our physical signage, mobile offerings and ticket stock.

As a global company, Ticketmaster has made the decision to rebrand every branch of its operation. Ticketmaster operates in 20 markets and has 12,000 clients around the globe. The new branding will ensure clients and customers will see the same Ticketmaster look and feel regardless of where they are.

The colourful mosaic design that many of you will be familiar with will be phased out for a simpler, sharper colour palette that represents Ticketmaster’s contemporary, fresh approach to everything we do.

Throughout the process of rebranding, we will keep our key stakeholders informed and updated.

Keep an eye out for the fresh new look that you will begin to see. We hope you will agree the new look is fresh, fun and very eye-catching.