WBO World Heavyweight title fight set for Vector Arena

Be a part of history as Joseph Parker faces his Mexican rival on home turf next month

Boxing history is set to take place at Vector Arena this December, as the Auckland venue prepares to host the WBO World Heavyweight Title fight.

In 120 years New Zealand has never had a World Heavyweight Champion, let alone hosted a World Heavyweight Title fight.

Joseph Parker will face his Mexican rival on home turf next month, where 10,000 passionate fans will turn out to see the 24-year-old take on his biggest feat yet.

Andy ‘The Destroyer’ Ruiz brings with him an undefeated record (29-0) and is undoubtedly a tough prospect for the young Kiwi.

But when this kind of showdown takes place in your own manor, that’s just no telling what will happen.

One thing’s for sure, Joseph Parker v Andy Ruiz is going to be electric.

Be a part of the history and book your tickets for the WBO World Heavyweight Title fight at Vector Arena, Auckland on Saturday 10 December. Just head to for tickets.