Important Announcement: Protect your barcodes

We all know it is very exciting when you get your hands on some of the hottest tickets in town, but we are here to remind you all to protect your tickets – and yourself – from unscrupulous people who may be looking for your barcodes.

As tempting as it is to post images of your tickets on social media sites, it is important to remember that barcode on your ticket is a very powerful set of numbers of lines. A ticket’s barcode is a unique set of numbers that will grant you access to your event.

In recent times, there has been an increase in fraudulent behaviour whereby people browse the internet and social media sites looking for ticket barcodes that can be copied and resold.

This issue was in the news recently following a young woman’s big win on the Melbourne Cup. Her innocent Facebook image turned into a nightmare when someone took her barcode and collected her winnings.

And it can happen easily with tickets as well. So, to avoid the pain and hassle of turning up to a concert and being denied entry, please make sure you keep your tickets in a safe and secure spot and resist the urge to post them online. At the very least, if you are taking pictures of your tickets, hide the barcode to protect yourself from online fraudsters.

We want everyone to have an amazing experience when attending a live event purchased through Ticketmaster. So in future, keep your tickets off social media and just enjoy the amazing performance you were lucky enough to get tickets for!