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New Music: Sloan Peterson

We pick the hottest new live acts so you can tell your friends you heard them first. This week's pick is the dreamy magic of Australian singer-songwriter Sloan Peterson.

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Listening to Sydneysider Sloan Peterson is like floating through a magical dream. One part ’50s guitar pop, another part grungey-garage rock, throw in a psych-rock haze, and ’60s cover star style and you have the perfect recipe for a classic sound that feels entirely new. We can’t get enough of Sloan and we know you’ll love her too, so we thought we’d start the introductions here.


The Story

From the beginning

“I first started playing in a band when I was 16. I had just moved to Sydney from Brisbane and wasn’t very good at school so I spent more time playing guitar and making abstract videos.”

What you’ll hear

“I’d describe my sound as surf-pop. I loved Best Coast when I first heard her song Something in the Way, it was garage-pop but done in such a catchy way, it reminded me of something from the ‘60s or ‘70s. When I started playing music I was living near the ocean and involved in a real surf scene which I think definitely influenced me too.”

Influences & inspiration

“I am inspired by eras, colours, and patterns – I love things that are aesthetically pleasing. I also think visuals are an important aspect of songwriting, it accompanies the poetry.”

For the love of music

“Making music feels like a superpower. I love being creative although it can be a rollercoaster at times.”

Kicking goals

“We have The Kooks support tour coming up in January aruind Australia which will be some of the biggest shows we have played since starting. Can’t wait.”

Essential Tracks

Sloan Peterson – Our Love

“Our Love is the first single from Midnight Love VOL.2 EP that I released about a month ago. Accompanied by part one of two clips created with Directors Natasha Foster and Erin Fairs.  The song was written about a nightmare my friend had, she told me and I guess I kinda kept thinking about it.”

Sloan Peterson - Our Love

Sloan Peterson – New Direction

New Direction is accompanied by part two of the clip. I had this line ‘You’ve been putting stars up in my eyes’ written down in my notes for a while, written about people who make empty promises. I tried to write so many other songs with the line in it and just never felt right. Jesse and I were jamming around with ideas and came up with NewDirection. I was reluctant to ever record it at first, but it quickly became a favourite to perform and listen to. It has so much energy and attitude, it empowers me to keep going.

Sloan Peterson - New Direction (Official Video)

Sloan Peterson – Friday on my Mind 

“We covered The Easybeats’ classic Friday on my Mindwith Tim Fitz from Middle Kids and made a home video from old footage from a USA trip we had last year. It was meant to be a part of this Amazon Music Australian playlist but we couldn’t actually purchase it in Australia.”

Friday on my Mind THE EASYBEATS, Sloan Peterson (cover)

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