Yanier Gomez Noda from Ballet Revolucion talks to tmBlog

Yanier Gomez Noda has danced many of the most sought after roles in traditional ballet, but you have never seen him like you will see him when he hits the stage as part of Ballet Revolucion.

The Cuban dancer will bring his unique mix of classical and Latin American dance influences to his performances at The Civic Auckland in June.

Ballet Revolucion is an amazing mix of dance genres and is set to a live band that gives the whole performance a spirit and edge that is unmatched.

We can’t wait to see Ballet Revolucion and we had a chat to Yanier Gomez Noda to find out more about this not-to-be-missed event. We hope you enjoy it!

Ticketmaster: You have performed in many of the great ballets such as Swan Lake, Giselle and Sleeping Beauty – what was it about Ballet Revolucion that you were drawn to?

Yanier Gomez Noda: What draw me to it was the need to do something different with my life.  I think a good dancer should learn several styles not only classical ballet.

TM: What makes Ballet Revolucion so unique – what will the audience see when they attend?

Yanier Gomez Noda: They will see a very interesting show where many dancers are performing a mix of styles, making fusion in a unique performance.

TM: Ballet Revolucion is a mix of ballet and other dance genres – can you explain the fusion of styles?

Yanier Gomez Noda: At the beginning it was very important for me until I discovered this magnificent magic world.  The mix of styles is very important for a dancer as part of the training, the career.

TM: You perform all over the world with Ballet Revolucion. What is it about performing that you love so much?

Yanier Gomez Noda: I love it I feel the performance very deep in my soul and also feel the energy of my dance mates all our energies together on stage giving the best of us make the work very exciting, marvelous.

TM: What is your favourite part of the job?

Yanier Gomez Noda: What I like most is the chance to learn something new every day.  I can help my colleagues and received their help all the time during training and rehearsing.  And the audience, I love to perform to audiences, it is stressful but exciting at the same time. I love my job!

TM: Can you describe what it is like performing with a live band backing you?

Yanier Gomez Noda:  It is not new for me to perform with a live band and it is a thrilling feeling when the band starts playing because it is the kind of music we usually listen to but there is an audience there to see us enjoy ourselves while dancing to it.

TM: Ballet Revolucion also features music from many of today’s biggest pop stars. What music can the audience expect to hear?

Yanier Gomez Noda: It is modern music, any hit anyone would like, I’m sure they will enjoy it very much.

TM: Can you tell us a little about the amazing choreography?

Yanier Gomez Noda: The choreographies are hard, everyone needs to work a lot and really close together, in sync with each other because the work is very demanding, that is what makes the choreographies look amazing.

TM: Thanks for joining us, best of luck with Ballet Revolucion.

Ballet Revolucion will be performed at The Civic Auckland from June 17-21. Click here to purchase tickets.