Ticketmaster Platinum

Ticketmaster is committed to remaining at the forefront of technology and innovation to benefit both our customers and our clients. One example of this is Ticketmaster Platinum, which is a product offered by Ticketmaster whereby some of the best seats for the biggest shows are offered at market-driven rates through dynamic pricing.

Ticketmaster Platinum is advantageous to customers as they can purchase premium seats at a price they feel the tickets are worth with the security and knowledge that the tickets are legitimate and purchased through a trusted source. Clients too benefit as there is a financial return for the promoter and artist. In many cases, a significant financial return is available as the allocation within the first block of rows has been very popular with fans.

Many customers are already paying premium prices for tickets to high-demand or sold-out shows through unauthorised secondary sites. There is a demand for a secondary marketplace and as such Ticketmaster Platinum is catering to this. It is a genuine and effective tool to combat unauthorised and fraudulent ticket resale as customers can purchase premium seats at a market-driven rate through a trusted source, which eats into the unauthorised secondary market.

Platinum is fully controlled by Ticketmaster so in the instance there is an event cancellation or postponement, Platinum ticket purchasers are protected in the same way regular Ticketmaster ticket purchasers are.

Another advantage of Ticketmaster Platinum is the separation of tickets available through the platform and the tickets available via regular sales channels such as Customers will only be presented with the higher-priced premium tickets if they seek out tickets through Platinum.

Ticketmaster has found Platinum to be a very popular tool as many live event fans are more than prepared to pay extra for the privilege of the best seats – usually within the first few rows of the stage. Ticketmaster has had great success offering Platinum tickets for events such as P!nk, Barry Gibb, Mrs Brown’s Boys, Kiss and Carole King. Ticketmaster has found the Platinum offering has become so popular that many artists have been requesting an allocation be made available.

An important thing to remember about Ticketmaster Platinum is that the fans set the market – if tickets are priced too high, they simply won’t sell. The flexibility in pricing means demand drives the cost and availability of the premium tickets, which caters directly to the biggest fans of the artist or event on sale.