Ticketmaster Changes the Face of Tickets

Ticketmaster customers will see a big difference when they attend their next live event with the introduction of new ticket stock that will hit mid-2014. The launch of new ticket stock is the final piece of Ticketmaster’s brand evolution, which already encompasses web and mobile assets.

The new ticket stock features a multi-faceted mosaic graphic that was designed to signify the energy and connectivity of Ticketmaster’s diverse markets, brands, products and audiences. Ticketmaster has more than 10,000 clients in 18 global markets and the new and colourful design will bring Australasian tickets into line with those of Ticketmaster’s other international markets.

Ticketmaster is constantly striving to be at the forefront of the ticketing and entertainment industry in Australasia and the updated ticket stock is a component of the company’s new brand identity.

Other than the obvious upgrade in appearance, Ticketmaster clients and customers will see no difference between the old and new stock. Ticketmaster’s tickets will remain flexible in terms of content design and positioning. The tickets will retain the standard barcoding and the positioning of the terms and conditions. The process for ticket printing will remain unchanged.

For a period of time Ticketmaster’s current and new stock will be in circulation concurrently. Ticketmaster clients should be aware that both the old and new ticket stock will be valid and patrons with either design should be admitted to venues and events.