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Take the ultimate Elvis quiz now!

No artist in history has inspired as many tribute and cover acts as Elvis Presley.

Everywhere you look there is an Elvis impersonator in a rhinestone-studded jump suit just itching to entertain an audience with the classic songs, unforgettable moves and unmistakeable Elvis swagger.

With so many options, it is important to make sure you are only seeing the best of the best when it comes to Elvis tributes. There may be many on offer, but you want to make sure you see a passionate, talented artist who can recreate the magic of The King on stage.

Lucky for you, we have found just that! And to celebrate we have put together the ultimate Elvis quiz to test your knowledge of one of history’s greatest ever performers. If you think you are a big Elvis fan, prove it with our quiz. And don’t forget to share your result via your social channels so all your friends can join in the fun too!

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Elvis – One Night With You the Studio Sessions

TSB Showplace – July 25

The Civic Auckland – August 14

Click here to purchase tickets.