Nils Frahm announces first ever New Zealand show in 2019

It's time to get dreamy!

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Celebrated German composer and pianist Nils Frahm is set to bring his dreamy compositions to New Zealand for the very first time this November.

Hailed as one of the greatest composers in contemporary music, a live Nils Frahm experience is almost other-worldly – in fact, fans have even been known to faint.

From an early age, Frahm began learning the piano – immersing himself in the styles of classical pianists of the past alongside music from more contemporary composers. From here he began creating his own musical path.

Introducing himself to the world with his early works in 2009, Wintermusik and The Bells, Frahm has since built a reputation as one of the world’s greatest and most creative composers.

His unconventional approach to piano composition alongside his mesmerising live performances has won him dedicated fans all around the world. Blending classical piano techniques with electronic music made with synthesisers, many of which he has built and customised, his performances are equal parts recital and rave.

All of this has led to his 2018 release All Melody, bringing him out of an 18-month touring hiatus (his longest since 2008) and transporting him to global stages.

All Melody has been described as the work most representative of the way Frahm approaches the classical/electronic fusion in his live shows, and if his most recent world tour was anything to go by, these shows are some of his most elaborate yet.

On previous trips, he has packed with him three Roland Juno-60 synthesisers, a Korg synthesiser, a Roland SH-2 synth, a Mellotron keyboard, grand piano, small piano, harmonium, toy piano and a pipe organ he made himself. And for the whole time he is on stage, Frahm moves around his intricate set-up, juxtaposing and combining the classical and contemporary in a way that only Nils Frahm can.

What makes his New Zealand even more special is the space Frahm will be fulling – the majestic confines of Auckland Town Hall’s Great Hall.

Nils Frahm at Funkhaus Berlin

Nils Frahm will perform at Auckland Town Hall on Friday 22 November 2019. Tickets are on sale from Friday 16 August @ 10am (local time) via