Five of the Best: Grease

Grease is one of the most iconic movie musicals of all time and with that comes many equally iconic songs that we all know and love.

To celebrate the stage version of Grease, which is coming to various venues throughout New Zealand in November and December, we have featured the songs of the musical as today’s Five of the Best. Click here to purchase tickets.

Narrowing down one of the best movie soundtracks to just five songs was always going to be a huge challenge, but we think we have got it just right. We hope you enjoy the below trip down the Grease memory lane.

5 Sandy

John Travolta performs this ballad at the drive-in after being rejected by Sandy, played by Australia’s own Olivia Newton-John.  This track signals a turning point for Danny, who realises he needs to be different if he is to keep Sandy (but, of course, we all know she has other ideas!). The song is emotional – perhaps bordering on sappy – but Travolta’s vocals give it a slightly tougher edge that make it one of the highlights of the soundtrack.

Grease (1978) - Sandy Scene (9/10) | Movieclips

4 Hopelessly Devoted to You

Hopelessly Devoted To You was never meant to be in the film Grease and it did not appear in the original stage show. Olivia Newton-John was contractually-entitled to have a vocal solo in the film, which had not been fulfilled at the conclusion of filming. Hopelessly Devoted To You became that song and she filmed and recorded the track, which went on to be very popular and commercially successful. The track reached number 3 on the US music charts and has become one of ONJ’s signature songs.

Grease (1978) - Hopelessly Devoted to You Scene (4/10) | Movieclips

3 Greased Lightnin’

Greased Lightnin’ is one of the most iconic songs from Grease, which is no doubt assisted by the great dance moves that accompany the track. This is one of those songs that tends to get whipped out at the end of a party. It is also one of those songs that you are guaranteed to sing incorrectly. The lyrics are a bit fiddly, so you can be forgiven for mumbling over them. The song is performed by Danny, Kenickie, Putzie, Doody and Sonny and is all about the hot rod they are building in shop class to impress girls. It’s a lot of fun – check out the clip below.

Grease - Greased Lightning [ With Lyrics ]

2 Summer Nights

Summer Nights is one of the greatest duets in movie musical history. The male/female parts of this song make it great fun at a party and you’d be lying if you said you never belted out the screeching final note of this song. Summer Nights is one of the most fun and vibrant parts of Grease and gives an excellent insight into the personalities of all the characters, not just Sandy and Danny. We could tell you more, tell you more (get it?), but we think the song speaks for itself; so have a listen below and enjoy.

Grease - Summer Nights HD

1 You’re the One That I Want

We could have picked any number of songs for this musical, but we decided You’re the One That I Want, which was originally performed by Olivia Newton John and John Travolta, was the top choice. Written by John Farrer for the 1978 film version of Grease, You’re the One That I Want remains one of the greatest selling singles of all time. The song was released in conjunction with the film and became an international hit, reaching number 1 in several countries. The song is catchy and fun, but it also represents the most joyous part of the film/stage show of Grease… the reunion and happy ending! We absolutely love this song and we hope you agree You’re the One That I Want is the quintessential Grease track.

Grease - You're The One That I Want [HQ+Lyrics]

Bonus Track – Grease

We are breaking the rules here a little bit, but who could have compile a list of the greatest Grease tracks and not include the title song, which opens the 1978 film? Written by Barry Gibb and performed by Frankie Valli, Grease is a great track that really sets the tone for the film. The accompanying animated sequence is also a highlight. And here’s a fun fact… Barry Gibb provided backing vocals for the track and Peter Frampton is on guitar.

Frankie Valli - Grease - Movie open (HQ)

Grease Performance Dates

Bruce Mason Centre – November 3-4
Sir Howard Morrison Performing Arts Centre – December 6
SKYCITY Theatre – December 7-17

Click here to purchase tickets.