Five of the Best… The Cure

Our resident Cure fan, Michelle Theodoulou, has cast her eyes (or should that be ears?) over the amazing back catalogue of The Cure to come up with her five favourite songs for this edition of Five of the Best. Enjoy!

While many members have come and gone, The Cure has shown an amazing, diverse, melancholy selection of transitions since their formation in 1976.

Most notably the member coming to mind is the skilled Robert Smith, a triple threat on vocals, guitar and bass.

The Cure’s iconic brand of music has earned them a place in the hearts of many music lovers. To celebrate the upcoming performance of The Cure at Auckland’s Vector Arena, we have featured the English band as this edition of Five of the best. The Cure is performing at Vector Arena, Auckland on July 21. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.

We hope you enjoy our countdown of our five favourite Cure songs.

5 Close to Me

Close to Me is the second single from The Cure album The Head on the Door (1985), and later remixed and re-released to promote their remix album Mixed Up (1990). The remixed version did much better on the charts (number 4 on the Irish Singles chart) and is the more widely heard version as opposed to the original. I’d definitely recommend watching the music video and kudos to The Cure for the literal closeness experienced.

The Cure - Close To Me

4 Lovesong

Lovesong has become a clear favourite for the romantics. A single from album Disintegration (1989), this song is a perfect example of how melancholy sound and happy lyrics can be incorporated into a cohesive song. This expression of love has struck a big chord with fans and covered by musicians alike – most recently covered by Adele. I recommend searching for an instrumental version when you get the chance.

The Cure - Lovesong

3 The Lovecats

If a song was going to include “cat” in its name; then this song masters them all – aesthetically and lyrically. This cuddly single was the band’s first Top 10 hit in the UK and number 6 in Australia. The band look as though they had such a great time filming the music video with their furry friends!

The Cure - The Lovecats

2  Boys Don’t Cry

This song was The Cure’s second single back in 1979, and was re-released in 1986 newly mixed and with re-recorded vocals. The single reached number 22 in the UK singles chart and has also been used in multiple films and television shows. The song is quite thought-invoking about needing to keep a calm face after a relationship breakup.

The Cure - Boys Don't Cry

1 Friday I’m in Love

Who loves Fridays? We sure do! This single reached number 7 with Recorded Music NZ, number 39 in Australia, and number 6 in the UK. This ode to Fridays has since been used in many films and television shows, and is still played on the radio no matter what day of the week.

The Cure - Friday I'm In Love

Bonus round:

 A Forest

As previously mentioned, The Cure has a tendency for aesthetic and catchy music. The bass riff and vocals from this number reverberate and fade to the listener – as though they are actually wandering through a forest. This gem was a single released off the band’s second album Seventeen Seconds (1980).

The Cure - A Forest

The Cure is performing at Vector Arena, Auckland on July 21. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets. A My Ticketmaster presale will take place from 12 midday on Wednesday April 20 and general public tickets will be available from 12pm on Friday April 22.