A contemporary guide to attending the theatre

Blog writer Michelle Theodoulou has out together a theatre etiquette ‘how-to’ in order to help non-regular theatre goers wrangle the dos and don’ts of attending live musicals and plays.

Theatre! It’s quite a cultural staple in cities and it’s fantastic to see theatre shows doing national seasons. But it can feel foreign to people that rarely attend – so here are some quick tips.

Book in advance

People will come from all over – interstate and even internationally – to see good theatre. If you have any doubts, consider Broadway in New York or West End in London. There’s always something on, but for limited time. The best advantage is booking in advance if you want the best seats. Look further into the season if you want the better seats. Everyone wants to go right away, but if you’re patient, it pays off.

Research any dress codes

Most theatres are more relaxed now than earlier times. Smart casual is safest, but if you like to doll up, feel free! I myself feel more comfortable in jeans and runners when attending theatre, but if you’re attending a premiere performance, best to doll up.

Arrive fifteen minutes earlier to start time at the latest

Most shows now have what’s called a “lock out period”, when doors lock at the show start time. This is usually printed on your ticket. If you are late, the doors will open again at a suitable break. This tends to be after the opening number. Even if there is no stated lock out period, it’s good to be punctual just in case.

Be comfortable and have fun!

I recommend eating a meal before attending, staying hydrated and keeping an open mind. There’s no doubt that the theatre has survived so many years. It really is a fantastic form of escaping to somebody else’s story, at least for a few hours – and a little more stimulating than watching TV and browsing online.

Upcoming and Current Theatre Events

FLASHDANCE – The Musical
The Civic Auckland from April 21
Click here to purchase tickets.

HMS Pinafore
Bruce Mason Centre from April 14
Click here to purchase tickets.

Bruce Mason Centre from May 28
Click here to purchase tickets.

Priscilla Queen of the Dessert
The Civic Auckland from October 14
Click here to purchase tickets.

Sister Act
TSB Showplace from July 21
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Menopause the Musical
TSB Showplace from August 14
Click here to purchase tickets.

To Kill a Mockingbird
The Civic Auckland from May 6
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Beyond the Barricade
Civic Theatre, Rotorua – September 22
Great Hall, Auckland Town Hall – September 24 & 25
TSB Showplace September 27
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