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Ticketmaster’s rebrand hits the ticket stock

Shortly you will all see a change to the design of Ticketmaster’s ticket stock.

Following our global rebrand, Ticketmaster has brought the design of our tickets in line with our new brand that you would have seen on our website, mobile apps, signatures and signage.

The functionality of the tickets remains the same, but the colourful mosaic design that has been on the face of our tickets will no longer be produced.

Having said that, there will still be a large number of tickets that feature the mosaic design in circulation. Anyone who has purchased tickets recently may already have ticket stock with the old design. For a period of time both ticket stock designs will be in circulation and a combination of the two designs may be used to access your venues for events.

Patrons will still be able to access your venue with a valid ticket regardless of the design. But it is important to alert your event teams to the change so they are aware that two different ticket designs may be in use at your venues over the coming weeks and months.

We hope you will agree the new ticket stock design is eye-catching and fresh. If you have any queries regarding the new ticket stock design, please contact your Client Manager.