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Ticketmaster hosts its first client conference in New Zealand

Fresh from our Ticketmaster client conferences in Auckland, Melbourne and Sydney, we’d like to extend a very warm thank you to everyone who attended Ticketmaster Live recently.

We understand not everyone was able to attend and as such we’d like to fill you in on the client conferences and encourage you all to contact your Client Managers to hear more about the exciting new products and services that Ticketmaster will be rolling out over the coming months.

The Ticketmaster Live client conferences were devised to provide our valued partners with a clear insight into our values, vision and future development. There was a strong focus on marketing, ticketing and client operations as well as product development.

As we expected, a lot of clients in the room were very excited and interested in the new Ticketmaster ONE apps, Scaling and Inventory. The new apps complement the current Ticketmaster ONE apps including ClientHub and Analytics, making Ticketmaster ONE a vital platform for all Ticketmaster clients.

We strongly encourage you all to discuss the content from Ticketmaster Live with your Client Managers. If you were unable to attend, it is still important to reach out to your Ticketmaster representative to ensure you are up to date with the latest developments, offers and services that we can provide.

Ticketmaster ONE truly is the one-stop-shop for our clients. If you are not yet signed up, please arrange a login as soon as you can. With ReportPro switching off on September 30, it has never been more important to be using Ticketmaster ONE and the Analytics reporting suite.

Additionally, Ticketmaster Live had a strong focus on marketing – both pre-event and post-event. The marketing landscape is constantly evolving and Ticketmaster places major emphasis on this area to ensure we are ahead of the game.

We understand how important our reach is and we believe the Ticketmaster Live conferences demonstrated our superior targeting abilities. We don’t just reach more people, we reach the right people; the most likely ticket buyers.

But what happens once those ticket buyers are in your venue? Ticketmaster has solutions for that as well. The client conferences included information regarding new partnerships between Ticketmaster and third party providers which will improve the experience of patrons once in your venue.

There was a great deal of information presented at Ticketmaster Live and we understand it is a lot to take in. If you have further questions or were not at the conference, get in touch with your Ticketmaster rep to get more information.

Given Ticketmaster Live was devised as a client communication tool, we want to hear from you regarding the concept and content. We’d like to know what you found valuable, what we did well and the areas you think we can improve.

For many years we have directed significant resources and time into the VMA conference as major sponsor. While we still see great value in being represented at the VMA conference, we made a decision in 2016 to allocate greater focus on communicating directly with Ticketmaster clients and partners.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed the Ticketmaster Live client conferences and we trust you found the content informative. We’d again like to thank those who were able to attend and conferences and we look forward to talking to those who couldn’t to present some very exciting developments and products.