The World’s Funniest in NZ

Post written by Daniel Gate

When it comes to entertainment, live comedy is at the top of the crop, and New Zealand was lucky enough to see some of the world’s funniest in the recent NZ International Comedy Festival for 2014.

The Old Mout Cider Comedy Gala brought a mighty fine line up of acts from all over the world, the young James Acaster from UK brought fourth his unique but hilarious style of comedy, and even made an appearance on the popular NZ comedy 7 Days while the Festival was on. That’s not to mention France’s Marcel Lucont and the American Reginald Hunter. These are only some of the acts that performed, and it was all hosted by Ireland’s Jason Byrne. Let’s not forget the hilarious New Zealander’s of Pak ‘n’ Save stick man Paul Ego, and the originally South African lass Urzila Carlson.

It’s a shame that this kind of hilarious entertainment isn’t more common here in New Zealand, these first class international comedians don’t have enough appearances down here in little New Zealand, heck it was Reginald’s first time performing in New Zealand. This really shouldn’t be a once a year kind of occasion. I would much sooner go to my local cinema in Newmarket if they replaced the rehashed films, with some live stand-up comedy. Now that’s entertainment.

The whole comedy scene seems to be a growing part of the New Zealand culture, Friday nights on the couch is often time well spent with TV3’s comedy shows back-to-back for the evening. These comedian faces on TV have also spread to the voice of radio, and vice versa. To me however, there is nothing quite like the comedians that the UK has, between the British and the Irish you know you are set for a quality show.

The NZ International Comedy Festival is certainly a step in the right direction and with shows with a line up like The Old Mout Cider Comedy Gala’s things are looking up. With the infrequency of these events it leaves us stand-up fans left to watch the repeats of ‘Live at the Apollo’ from that flashing box we all have in the lounge.