Ticketmaster’s mobile apps continue to improve

Ticketmaster’s mobile apps continue to improve with the latest update adding additional functionality and usability to make buying tickets on a mobile device even easier.

Ticketmaster’s iPhone apps in Australia and New Zealand are extremely popular with customers and the purchase method is quickly growing, which highlights the importance of making the apps engaging, simple and informative.

The discovery phase on the Ticketmaster apps has been improved as part of the latest update with events now appearing in new categories including ‘Popular’, ‘For You’, ‘This Weekend’ and ‘Upcoming’.

The new categories allow users to easily swipe through the different types of events. The ‘For You’ section is a really cool feature as it uses the customer’s Apple music playlists as well as ‘favourites’ set for events, artists and teams to highlight events that suit their individual tastes. The functionality is designed to put our clients’ events in front of the most likely ticket purchasers; the real fans who will be inclined to attend the event.

Another feature that brings the functionality of the app in line with the desktop sites is the ability to read more about special offers and packages. Users can now click the blue information icon on the purchase screen which will launch an information pop up with detailed information about the package or ticket inclusions and conditions.

If you haven’t heard, Apple has recently rebranded passbook to Apple Wallet. In line with the change, Ticketmaster has updated the apps for iOS9 users and you can now add all tickets to the Apple Wallet with a single tap! No more adding tickets one at a time. The small change will make Ticketmaster’s apps more user-friendly and it is now a lot quicker to add your tickets to the Apple Wallet for safe keeping until the date of your event.

Another exciting change to Ticketmaster’s apps for iPhone 6 and 6s Plus users is 3D Touch. By pressing and holding the Ticketmaster app icon, users can now access the quick action functionality, offering direct access to ‘Popular’, ‘Favourites’, ‘My Tickets’ and ‘Search’. 3D Touch allows for extremely quick access to the most relevant parts of the Ticketmaster apps making it easier than ever to search for events and access your tickets.

With so many customers now turning to Ticketmaster’s apps in Australia and New Zealand to search and purchase tickets for events, we are committed to making improvements to the functionality and usability where possible.

Technology is constantly evolving and Ticketmaster works tirelessly around the world to ensure we are at the forefront of the industry to provide the very best tools and products that assist us to maximise ticket sales and benefit both clients and customers.