Ticketmaster is getting bigger and better!

Live Nation Entertainment has announced Ticketmaster International has expanded into Poland, which represents the 20th global market that Ticketmaster operates in.

The new Warsaw office will be led by ticketing and media expert Iwona Zuber-Fiuczek and provides Ticketmaster with another market from which to leverage experience and knowledge.

Ticketmaster, a division of Live Nation Entertainment, is the largest ticketing company in the world. The expansion in Poland means Ticketmaster now operates in 20 markets including USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, France, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Turkey, UAE, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.

President and CEO of Live Nation Entertainment, Michael Rapino, said the expansion into Poland represented a wonderful opportunity for Ticketmaster.

“This provides another market for Ticketmaster to further build on its global base. Leveraging on its scale and expertise as the industry leader in ticketing, expanding into Poland continues building the company’s global share and expands the opportunities for Live Nation’s adjacent sponsorship and concert promotion businesses.”

The global strength of Ticketmaster is fundamental to the local team’s ability to service our clients and provide customers with world-class technology, products and customer service. Locally, Ticketmaster can leverage the experience of global markets and combine that with extensive local knowledge and expertise to offer a truly unique and comprehensive offering to all clients within Australia and New Zealand.

While the expansion of Ticketmaster into more markets is exciting for the company, Ticketmaster is still fully committed to providing bespoke service to local clients that suits the local market and fulfils the requirements of our customers.

The major benefits of partnering with a global company are the technological capabilities that accompany such a large, worldwide business. Ticketmaster in Australia and New Zealand has the same web capabilities as other significantly larger markets. Ticketmaster Australasia’s web capabilities are the same as markets such as the USA and United Kingdom that regularly host major multi-city on sales for some of the world’s biggest artists, sports teams and tournaments.

Ticketmaster globally has a strong focus on delivering clients and customers with the best products and tools to ensure fans can purchase tickets effortlessly while being engaged and entertained. Ticketmaster is proud to be a part of the live entertainment industry and prides itself on helping ticket purchasers connect with the things they are passionate about; live sport, theatre, comedy, exhibitions, concerts and performing arts events.