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New Music: The Beths

We're shining a spotlight on the best up and coming New Zealand artists set to dominate 2019. Meet Auckland indie-rockers The Beths.

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The future of New Zealand’s indie-rock scene is in safe hands with Auckland trio The Beths. Bringing together bright pop hooks, pop-punk grit, and indie-rock charm on their debut album Future Me Hates Me, they are ready to take over the world. More than all the genre-descriptors though, a huge part of what makes every The Beths track so great are the lyrics – honest and relatable, reflective and vivid, finding the perfect balance between self-deprecation and personal reflection.

The band’s personal history goes back many years and it’s that longtime friendship that really helps make everything click. After turning heads with their 2016 debut EP Warm Blood, the release of their debut full-length saw The Beths spend most of 2018 on the road, touring across New Zealand, Australia, America, Europe, and the UK – and their schedule isn’t looking to slow down any time soon.

If 2018 was The Beths’ break out year, 2019 is set for total world domination. If you haven’t already, it’s time to get them on your radar.


the beths

The Story

From the beginning

Guitarist and vocalist Elizabeth Stokes: “I didn’t come from a musical family, but pretty early on apparently, I had a kind of knack for it. Or enjoyed it at least. When I was 15, I started busking with my best friend Chelsea at the local mall, where we’d earn enough to buy two fish burgers from LJS. From there we started writing songs together, which we both had a bit of a knack for.”

What you’ll hear

“We spent the first year or so of playing together working out what the ‘rules’ were for this band, stylistically. I have a lot of love the ‘pop song’ form, so we started with me bringing in those songs and worked out that we wanted everyone singing group backing vocals. We liked fast tempos and tight arrangements.”

Influences & inspiration

“There are too many to name, but to do a quick round up, I like the melodies of Alvvays, lyrics of Bright Eyes, guitar sounds of Weezer, and backing vocals of Ben Folds Five. Last year though my favourites were Sidney Gish, Illuminati Hotties, Phoebe Bridgers and Hans Pucket.”

For the love of music

“I love the feeling of physically playing music with friends and connecting on that level. It’s like speaking a secret language to each other.”

Kicking goals

“On a general level, being able to actually leave isolated little New Zealand and tour the world multiple times last year still feels pretty surreal. The first tour was such a huge risk and we had bet everything on it, and it worked out. We’re pretty lucky.”

The hard yards

“On tour, the difficult challenges are never just one big one. It’s lots of little ones stacked on top of each other. When you’re going off a few consecutive days of bad sleep and long drives, something tiny can seem insurmountable.”

The year ahead

“More touring, we are supporting Death Cab For Cutie in Europe throughout January and February, NZ festivals, then North America and SXSW, in Australia supporting The Smith Street Band…I think we get a break around July.”

Essential Listening

The Beths – Uptown Girl

“This is one of my favourites to play live because it’s so fast. It feels like sprinting as fast as you can with your eyes closed and knowing that if you stumble, you’re doomed. But in a fun way.”

The Beths – Whatever

“This was the first song I brought to everyone before we started the project. Ben helped me demo it, and when we sent it out Jonathan and Ivan were got really excited and then I got really excited. It’s when we knew we were going to start a band.”

The Beths - "Whatever" (official music video)

The Beths – River Run

“Multiple people have asked me if this song is about having a cold. It’s not, the river analogies are mainly alluding to crying, but I feel like the symptoms are quite similar. The song itself is about being in a deep depressive funk and alienating the people close to you.”

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