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Cub Sport – Summer Lover

Australian indie-pop outfit Cub Sport’s self-titled, third studio album is right around the corner and this dreamy, floating two-minutes is making us extra excited to hear it. Gradually building, before fading out in a haze, it’s simple, catchy, and injected with a huge dose of nostalgic longing for good measure. We already know that it’s the final track on the forthcoming album, so if this is the grand finale we can’t wait to be taken along for the rest of the ride. Cub Sportis due out Friday 18 January.

Bring Me The Horizon – medicine

Let’s start this by saying that bands don’t really owe us anything, so when they decide to change their sound we can either continue following along or we can relive the nostalgia and stick to their back catalogue. In Bring Me The Horizon’s case, we’re definitely staying on this train. It feels like only a handful of years ago, BMTH were kings of the metalcore scene, now with medicine – the latest taste of their sixth album amo – they’ve taken on a completely new sound. Led by layered electronic soundscapes and ultra-catchy hooks, the moshpit days might be well and truly over. This is BMTH 2.0, electro-pop tunes and catchy singalong lyrics. Alongside heavier tracks like Mantra and Wonderful Life, we aren’t sure what to expect when the album drops on Friday 25 January.

Bring Me The Horizon - medicine (Official Video)

Wolf and Willow – Into The Night

If warm, tender folky ballads are more your style, then let us introduce you to Australian duo Wolf and Willow’s latest single Into The Night. The second in a trio of sonically different but equally as beautiful singles, Into The Night kicks off a huge touring year for the band who already have shows locked in around their home country as well as a trip to New Zealand on the cards this March. Between the dreamy harmonica-led intro and the surprise outro (we’ll let you get there), Wolf and Willow don’t need much more than warm vocals, honest storytelling, and stripped back guitar to keep us hooked.

Dermot Kennedy – For Island Fires and Family

Irish singer-songwriter Dermot Kennedy has been one of music’s best-kept secrets, but his rapid build throughout 2018 has seen him land on every ‘Artist To Watch in 2019’ list and if you haven’t been recommended his tracks by one of your friends yet then you need new friends. Now we’ve finally got an album to enjoy, and live favourite For Island Fires and Family is a great place to start. Over sparse guitar, Dermot croons – it’s beautifully vulnerable and incredibly captivating.

Dermot Kennedy - For Island Fires and Family

Ruben – Lay By Me

Norwegian artist Ruben Markussen AKA Ruben has wowed us with his latest single Lay By Me. It might only be his fourth release, but with an EP fast approaching, we’re certain you should keep your ears firmly fixed in his direction. The stark, gorgeous ballad lets Ruben’s velvety vocals soar – get ready to melt.

Grizfolk – Spoonful

The groove on Spoonfulis everything, pair it with the song’s hook and this one will be in your head for days on end. This is a vvveeerryyyyy smooth way to spend three minutes.

Grizfolk - Spoonful (Official Lyric Video)

The Regrettes – Don’t Stop Me Now

We love The Regrettes, and we absolutely love this cover. Maybe it’s all the Bohemian Rhapsodyhype that has us revisiting Queen’s catalogue over and over, but this song GOES OFF. While staying faithful to the bones of the classic (as every good cover should), The Regrettes have injected Don’t Stop Me Now with a new spunk and grit that has us hitting repeat over and over.

The Regrettes - Don't Stop Me Now [Official Audio]

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