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New Music: Charlie Collins

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Growing up in Australia’s country music capital Tamworth, it isn’t hard to see why Charlie Collins chose the musical path she did. Playing in bands since she was 11 – including fronting Sydney band Tigertown – Charlie’s solo music is layered in warm nostalgia, calling on alt-country sounds and old-fashioned storytelling. She is truly a breath of fresh air, and we want you to get to know her.

The Story

From the beginning

“I started making music when I was 11. I grew up in Tamworth and was surrounded by country music and some of the greatest musicians I’ve ever known. I was so inspired by all the amazing artists I grew up with and then decided to hit the stage and never looked back.”

What you’ll hear

“I would say my music is quite melodic, which lends itself towards pop, but there’s a strong country influence intertwined in the sound due to what I was brought up on and the storytelling aspect of my songs.”

Influences & inspiration

“My biggest inspiration is Johnny Cash. He’s always been my number one from since I can remember. I love how his songs are like reading books – there’s a story in every tale. Patsy Cline, Gram Parsons, and Alison Krauss are also up there. Patsy taught me how to sing with conviction and meaning, Gram taught me how to turn hurt into words, and Alison taught me how to fingerpick and play guitar delicately but soulfully. ”

For the love of music

“For me, it’s my therapy. I love that I get to verbalise my emotions and people can relate and connect with it and make my stories their own. The thought of one of my little ditties touching someone’s soul and making them feel something they have never felt before warms my heart.”

Kicking goals

“Making my first solo record is my biggest achievement. There was a lot of suppressed emotion that I buried for years. When I finally let my inner-self free and released these emotions, it was like jumping in the ocean after a cold, long winter. Digging up the past and present and putting it into words, making everything simple and not overthinking things was truly magical. This record was made in a little house in the mountains with just three instruments and nothing but the truth.

Also touring with Gang Of Youths currently is a huge peak. Getting to share the stage with some of my favourite humans on the planet and having the opportunity to play these verbal vomits to large amounts of people in some of Australia’s most iconic venues is a dream come true.”

Essential Tracks

Charlie Collins – Wish You Were Here

“I find it hard to truly connect with people on a personal level. This is about meeting people that straight up understand you and you feel like your soul just got ignited. It isn’t necessarily a love song, but you can definitely interpret it that way.”

Charlie Collins - Wish You Were Here (Official Video)

Charlie Collins -Mexico

“I lived in LA for a little while last year and found myself surrounded by so many friends battling heartbreak and breakups. One friend, in particular, went through a heavy one and went to Mexico to try find himself and escape from the breakages. Let’s say he found more than just a bottle of tequila.”


Charlie Collins - Mexico (Live Version)