Our guide to Ibiza closing parties

We have all the action and news from the place you’d really rather be: The Ibiza closing parties.

Ibiza is the hottest place to be during European summer and the epic parties, which feature some of the hottest DJs in the world are set to close.

But if you are lucky enough to be jetting over just in time to catch one of the amazing Ibiza parties – or if you can snaffle a few days off work and get yourself a last minute flight over – we have the ultimate guide to help you get through the events. We also have bios of three of the best DJs as well as loads of pics to show you just how epic these parties will be!

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Ibiza Closing Parties Guide

What are the closing parties?

The Ibiza Closing Parties are an Ibiza tradition running every year at the end of September and early October. The parties are bigger, the music is louder and the nights never end.

When should I get my tickets?

The parties will sell out, so buy your tickets in advance. If you do, entry will be guaranteed.

Expect to spend between EUR30 and EUR60 for each ticket when bought in advance. If you buy on the door the tickets will be about EUR80 to EUR100.

What’s the weather like at this time of year?

The weather starts to cool down in September, but the average temperature is still 24 degrees Celsius. With only 8 days of rainfall on average, you’re guaranteed some sun.

Should I walk or take a taxi?

The island is small so a journey by car will never be longer than one hour. When there are 3 or 4 sharing the cost, taxis are the best way to travel from club to club.

Taxi ranks are everywhere, but queues can be long. Best to book in advance! You can estimate your Ibiza taxi fares here:

What time should I get to the clubs?

All clubs open at midnight, and the biggest queues are between 1:30am and 3am.

How much money should I expect to spend once I’m inside the club?

A vodka and mixer will cost you up to 15€ to 25€ in a club, whilst a bottle of water will set you back 12€. Make sure you have about 100€ in cash on arrival at the club for any unexpected surprises.

When do the closing parties end?

The seasons end in the first of October. During the closing parties, Ibiza allows the clubs to stay open late until noon the next day. You can expect little or no sleep during these last few days of the season.

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DJ Bios

Carl Cox

Always keen to unite the people in a progressive and dynamic love of music, Coxy’s mantra for his Space 2015 residency is ‘Music Is Revolution – The Next Phase’.

The legendary DJ will be headlining the Space Closing Fiesta on Sunday 4thOctober 2015.

Carl Cox has relentlessly pursued a music policy that brings in only the finest DJs across the various electronic genres and his large-scale line-ups always reflect that. Guests playing alongside king Carl include Marco Carola, Adam Beyer, Nicole Moudaber and Guti to name a few, with every week featuring an early sunset set from headliners including Monika Kruse, Art Department, Pan-Pot and Coxy himself.

Always a huge party, not merely confined to Coxy’s techno leanings but exploring a huge variety of underground dance music… curated, DJed and even slightly MCed by the much-loved figurehead, our main man Carl Cox.

David Guetta

The David Guetta vehicle with the saucy name causes gridlock outside and inside Pacha every night of its Thursday residency.

Of course, the French superstar will be headlining Pacha’s Closing Party on Thursday 1st October

But be warned! Season passes are worthless, guest lists get ripped up. Doormen you thought were your friends will spit on your shoes. Gorgeous models will stab each other through the heart with six inch stilettos for a spot in the DJ booth. This is a party everyone wants to be at. Every inch of the dance floor will be covered in writhing bodies. If Dante Alighieri was French, F.M.I.F. would be his disco inferno.

Steve Aoki

This dude is all out American. On stage he is loud, brash, an extreme extrovert, has a complete lack of respect for the cake making industry, and plays pow-pow-in-your-face-electro that’ll take your hair off should you stand too close to the speakers. Ever since his days of being on the Badminton team at University we’re sure his life has become steadily wilder as the days and parties go by. If he isn’t sending the masses crazy with his brand of pumped up electro, he is throwing food at them or riding on top of them in an inflatable… Ibiza, may we introduce to you the party animal that is Steve Aoki.

Steve Aoki will be headlining his own Playhouse Closing Party at Pacha on Monday 28th September.

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