Tour Tales

Tour Tales: Nina Nesbitt takes us on her American tour

Ahead of her visit to New Zealand this June, Nina Nesbitt took us inside some of her favourite memories from her recent tour of the United States.

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UK singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt will make her debut stop in New Zealand this June off the back of her brand new album The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change. Ahead of her visit, she has taken us behind the scenes of her recent American tour to give us a sneak peek into her life on the road.

Nina Nesbitt: “This is the part of the set where I forgot I’m a pop artist and channel my inner metal singer. The whole drop down to the knees section is very dramatic and probably my favourite part of the evening lol.”

NN: “‘Psychopath’ was released last year as the first-ever Spotify collab release. They asked me to be involved in writing a song with two other female artists for Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day. I loved working with Sasha Sloan and Charlotte Lawrence on this and every night I have whoever is supporting me come out and sing it.”

NN: “My favourite part of touring is seeing new places. I’ve never been to Australia or New Zealand so I’m verrrrrry excited to see them. I’m hoping to meet a koala and think I might have a full on breakdown. I’m most nervous about flying there because last time I flew to Asia I fainted.”

NN: “I have issues with suitcases. They break all the time and then I’ll go to get a new one but not realise how big it is and have a fight at the check-in desk. Once I bought a suitcase so big that I got in it and my band zipped it up and wheeled me around.

NN: “I love food. I eat so much on tour because I feel like it would be rude not to try out the local delicacies wherever I am. This becomes a problem in America because the food is very unhealthy, but I’ve heard Australia do the BEST breakfast. I’m hoping I’ll have time to try some.”

Nina Nesbitt will perform at Tuning Fork, Auckland on Saturday 1 June. Tickets are on sale via