Irish Celtic infused pop icons The Corrs are coming to New Zealand in 2023 – here’s how to get tickets

Joined by Natalie Imbruglia, Toni Childs and Germein, The Corrs are coming to NZ!

In November 2023, The Corrs will be coming to New Zealand for a two-stop national tour, joined by Aussie pop royalty Natalie Imbruglia, the legendary Toni Childs and Adelaide trio, Germein. 

An enchanting mix of traditional Celtic music with a pop-rock twist, The Corrs have written some of the biggest songs of the last three decades. The Corrs are a family affair, Andrea (lead vocals), Sharon (violin, piano, vocals), Caroline (drums, piano, vocals) and Jim (guitar, piano, vocals) have sold over 40 million albums worldwide and in excess of two million albums in Australia since their 1995 debut album Forgiven Not Forgotten crashed into the charts and stole our hearts.

The Corrs are thrilled to be coming to New Zealand in 2023 and bringing their music to fans in Auckland, playing all of their hit that New Zealanders know and love. When asked about their New Zealand tour, The Corrs responded “Returning to New Zealand is a dream come true! We can’t wait to see you all next year!”.

The Corrs New Zealand Tour 2023 Dates

General Public Tickets go on sale Tuesday 20 December @ 9am (NZDT)

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One of Australia’s most loved pop artists, Natalie Imbruglia will be joining The Corrs on their 2023 New Zealand Tour. Most known for her chart-topping smash hit, Torn, the most-played song on Australian radio since 1990, she is easily a household name. 

The band will also be joined by Emmy winner and three-time Grammy-nominated recording artist Toni Childs. Toni will bring an engaging show involving film, 3D mapping, animation, lighting, set design and interactive components. 

Additionally, Adelaide-based pop trio, Germein will be playing all shows. Featuring siblings Georgia, Ella and Clara, Germein adds to the family feeling of this special evening. The Corrs remain a global phenomenon and their tickets will be in high demand, so get in fast!

When do tickets for The Corrs 2023 New Zealand tour go on sale?

AMEX Exclusive Presale – Friday 16 December @ 9am until Monday 19 December @ 7am (NZDT)

One World Entertainment Members Presale – Monday 19 December @ 9am until Tuesday 20 December @ 7am (NZDT)

General Public Onsale – Tuesday 20 December @ 9am (NZDT)

The Corrs – I Do What I Like – recorded at Church Studios

The Corrs 2023 New Zealand Tour Ticket Tips

When are The Corrs touring New Zealand?

The Corrs will be coming to New Zealand in November 2023.  Tickets are on sale via

When do tickets for The Corrs New Zealand tour go on sale?

Tickets to The Corrs in November 2023 will go on sale to the general public on Tuesday 20 December 2022. Tickets are on sale via

For presale information and timings for specific tour dates, see above.

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Once the tickets have been purchased, you will receive a confirmation email as proof of purchase. This is NOT your ticket or ticket(s). You will receive instructions on how to access their ticket(s) much nearer to the shows if relevant.

***All tickets are digital except Collector Tickets. Collector Tickets will be sent via mail approximately one month before the show.

The Corrs Live in Australia – Drone Show

Hints and tips for improving your chances of getting tickets to The Corrs 2023 Australian Tour

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The Corrs will be bringing their tour to New Zealand in November 2023. Tickets are on sale via

The Corrs – Bring On The Night – recorded at Church Studios