I Am Giant – Science & Survival Tour

Post written by Daniel Gate

The first time I heard I Am Giant was on the radio, and they instantly gained my curiosity. Later discovering that they were a New Zealand band I was pleasantly surprised, typically I’m not much of a fan of New Zealand music in general, besides the occasional dabble in Shihad or the well missed Blindspott. I Am Giant was actually formed by an ex-member of Blindspott, with other Blindspott members forming another great up and coming New Zealand rock band Blacklistt.

Unfortunately for us, the listeners, it sounds like the split was not a pretty one, with legal problems surrounding the band’s name which means we most likely will not be seeing a joint tour of I Am Giant and Blacklist, for now we will have to enjoy them separately.

The release of I Am Giant’s second album is bringing their performance to New Zealand again. The recent release of their Science and Survival album, nearly 3 years after the release of their previous album The Horrifying Truth, brings them back here, to show Kiwi’s what their new album has to offer at the Auckland venue The PowerStation.

I Am Giant’s previous album, The Horrifying Truth went gold in New Zealand. Science and Survival has had twice as much time spent on it, so you know it’s going to be good. The last time the band performed here, they were very well received and fans praised the performance. So if you are a fan of I Am Giant, or quality rock music in general then I would recommend you get your tickets now with their show less than a month away, on the 2nd of August.

I Am Giant is a band to keep your eye on, by the looks of things these guys are going places and hopefully they keep making these quality records, and keep performing for us to see here in New Zealand.

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