Fleetwood Mac named Ticket of the Year 2015!

Legendary group Fleetwood Mac has been voted by New Zealand’s live event fans as the Ticket of the Year 2015!

Ticketmaster reached out to its millions of live event fans and asked them to select their hottest ticket of the past year in order to find which event would be awarded Ticket of the Year 2015.

The Fleetwood Mac tour, which welcomed all five original members on stage, was selected by Ticketmaster as the greatest event in 2015. And testament to the group’s popularity, Fleetwood Mac made the list twice! Their Auckland show was awarded the number one spot on the Ticket of the Year countdown with their show at Dunedin’s Forsyth Barr Stadium coming in at number five.

It seems New Zealand has a penchant for amazing live music acts with all five positions on the Ticket of the Year 2015 list going to the world’s hottest bands and pop stars.

Second place on the Ticket of the Year 2015 list went to British singer/songwriter, Ed Sheeran. The singer’s one-man show sold out stadiums and arenas with nothing more than a guitar and a microphone.

In third place was the hugely successful USA band, the Eagles, whose popularity in New Zealand never seems to cease.

One of the world’s biggest rock bands, the Foo Fighters, blasted its way into the top five following their Sonic Highways tour.

Live entertainment is a hallmark of the New Zealand way of life. People love nothing more than to attend amazing live events from theatre to sport to comedy and concerts with loved ones. When Ticketmaster put out the call to find the Ticket of the Year 2015 winners, we were amazed at the positive response from people who attend the events.

And it seems the love for live events will not wane in 2016 with fans already overwhelmingly anticipating next year’s hottest events. Not surprisingly, Adele was selected as the one event the people of New Zealand are most keen to see on local shores in 2016.

Adele is the hottest act in the world right now having sold out tickets for her 2016 UK tour within minutes of going on sale, and her latest album 25 breaking decade-old records in the UK and across the pond.

Ticketmaster polled its 85 million live entertainment fans across its database to discover who put on the greatest shows this year, as part of Ticketmaster’s Ticket of the Year 2015. This vote was all about giving a voice to the Ticketmaster fan and a chance to shout about what their favourite live event of 2015 was.