She came in like a wrecking ball, but before that she danced on Robin Thicke at the 2013 VMAs and shocked the world.Hannah Montana is all grown up and kicking it live this October with her Bangerz Tour. The global superstar Miley Cyrus will be visiting New Zealand for the first time with only one Auckland show before she takes her tour to Australia.

Commonly known as a pop artist Mileys’ latest hits do give some R&B and country feel making this album an experimental time for the artist. She described her Bangerz album to be reminiscent of the “dirty south” and the critics agree. Bangerz marks Miley’s fourth concert tour which has received favorable reviews from critics. Some say her entrance is enough to give the show five stars on the spot. Known for her on stage antics and bold personality makes the Bangerz tour a must watch for music and entertainment enthusiasts alike. Miley takes a go-big or go-home approach to this tour making it bigger better and more colorful than ever. She is pushing boundaries and taking the world on this brave ride.

Miley will be performing a range of hits from “We Cant Stop,” to “Wrecking Ball,’’ which has garnered more than 700 million views on YouTube. Not bad for a girl who came into our lives through the Disney Channel! The highly anticipated Bangerz tour is sure to deliver the most explosive show of the year with Miley who is an undeniable powerhouse. Her incredible stage presence is sure to garner attention and raise a few eyebrows, but we think her bold outlook on life and performing is something commendable making this show something not to be missed.

Miley Cyrus- the epitome of putting yourself out there and pushing boundaries will be hitting our shores this October. Don’t  forget to book your tickets well before then because this superstar is here for one night only!