We chat to Leidy Marlen from Ballet Revolucion

Ballet Revolucion has been wowing audiences all over the world and now it is New Zealand’s turn to be swept up in the amazing fusion of contemporary and classical dance.

Ballet Revolucion is an infectious mix of classical and Latin American dance styles and is set to traditional and pop music. The dancers are mind-blowingly talented and the live band will keep you tapping your feet throughout the entire performance.

The production has already received rave reviews from performances in Paris, London, Vienna and Berlin but we wanted to know more about Ballet Revolucion. We took the chance to speak with dancer Leidy Marlen – check out what she has to say about the amazing Ballet Revolucion and their upcoming performances in New Zealand.

Ticketmaster: Hi Leidy, thanks for joining us. For anyone who hasn’t seen Ballet Revolucion, can you tell us what they can expect when they attend the event?

Leidy Marlen: I would tell them that they are not going to see a show that tells a story but an explosion of energy and talent on stage because when the music and lights turn on, the souls of the artists and their passion are on to.

TM: Can you tell us about your dance background and training?

LM: My training is as a classical dancer but I’ve found out with Ballet Revolucion that a classical dancer can do a lot more than he or she thinks.  The dynamic and strength necessary to do a show like this one has changed my life.

TM: What dance genres can the audience expect to see when they attend Ballet Revolucion?

LM: They will see several styles; classic, contemporary and hip hop. It is a very dynamic mix that makes the show beautiful and entertaining.

TM: You guys perform to a live band. Can you tell us about the amazing atmosphere that creates at performances?

LM: When you dance to live music it is like dancing a new show every day, there is an interesting complicity between dancers and musicians. I love it!

TM: Ballet Revolucion has performed all over the world. Where are your favourite places to perform?

LM: It doesn’t matter the place where we perform, the most important thing is the audience applause and warmth of the audience.  For me all places and stages are special.

TM:  If you could perform anywhere in the world – on any stage or in any venue – where would you go?

LM: I would love to work with a company where I could dance a little bit of everything. I feel attracted to the diverse and unconventional.  Dance means to me to always do something new; new choreographies, music, styles. That is exactly why I feel so well with Ballet Revolución.

TM: Ballet Revolucion has a very talented group of people off stage as well as on stage; can you tell me about the choreographers?

LM: These two great persons have made the best of the potential of each dancer.  Maybe because they are from different countries, their choreographies are different and they have a very personal touch.

TM: What is the best thing about your job?

LM: The applause of the audience, to see them enjoy the show.

TM: Thanks for joining us, good luck with the show! We can’t wait to see you in Ballet Revolucion.

Ballet Revolucion will be performed at The Civic Auckland from June 17-21. Click here to purchase tickets.