Squidboy & Kraken – Review

Between the invisible elevator, farting dog, Suzanne and of course the sequel Kraken, I sat there in awe and curiosity – what was this artistic comedy piece really about? Oddly enough, he was making me laugh, in fact, he had me in hysterics.  Wakenshaw circles around a mimed, invisible world where live goats are fed to audience members, treadmills can be folded into small pieces, squids invented sitting down and corners while cow cleaning spray is available from a convenience store where everything costs £2. Trygve Wakenshaw; a very talented individual with charm running deep through his performances keeping the audience captivated and at the edge of their seats.

A clown meets physical theater; Squidboy has an interesting story-line. The back story may lie in perception, however, I understood it to be a fisherman who has split personality disorder. I also gathered that he was married or with a woman named Suzanne. Once the fisherman/squid dies he goes off into the afterlife, we can see this by how he is greeted once more by his deceased dog. The dark undertones are infused with comedic relief and 60 minutes of silliness. Of course as alluded to earlier in this review, the meaning behind Squidboy may simply be meaningless.

Kraken, had much similarity to that of Squidboy. Wakenshaw made similar facial expressions and gestures, squeaks, leaps and little sounds. There was however, no obvious storyline, the 60 minute sequel to Squidboy was somewhat of a “beautiful strange comedy,” involving Wakenshaw “stabbing” himself with an imaginary sword and getting audience members to kiss his “sore spots”. It is difficult to describe in too much detail the different life forms Wakenshaw portrays throughout the performance, this is definitely something one must witness to understand, absorb and enjoy. Wakenshaw provides a different take on traditional methods of comedy, he mixes up the genres and gives us something fresh and new.

Overall, Tygrve Wakenshaw is a talent not to be missed for the curious and those wanting to stay on the cutting edge of the comedy scene.