Roger Thomas from Naturally 7 talks to Ticketmaster Blog

If you have not heard of Naturally 7 before now, you are about to!

The unique American group combines their amazing a cappella style with their own ‘vocal play’ and beat box to create an interesting sound that quickly caught the attention of some of the world’s best known performers such as Coldplay and Michael Buble.

Naturally 7 was founded in 1999 by the Thomas brothers, Roger and Warren. The group’s major break came after they were invited to support Michael Buble on an international tour and they haven’t looked back since.

When we heard Naturally 7 was returning to New Zealand to perform we were excited to speak with founding member Roger Thomas to hear more about what the audience can expect. Check it out below.

Ticketmaster: Can you tell me how Naturally 7 came about? When did the group form?

Roger Thomas: We became N7 in 2000. (It was) seven guys from New York City who wanted to create something different vocally and uplifting lyrically.

Ticketmaster: Naturally 7 is unique in that you are a traditional band as well as an a capella group. Can you explain the decision to combine the two?

Roger Thomas: We call what we do ‘Vocal Play’.   We love vocal music and the essence of a band.  So ‘Naturally’ we decided to combine the two ideas.

Ticketmaster: Can you tell me a little about the members of Naturally 7 – we understand as well as being incredible vocalists, they are all fantastic musicians?

Roger Thomas: We all come from musical backgrounds and some of us play instruments. Interestingly enough, none of us imitate the instruments we play.

Ticketmaster: Your really big break – in terms of international success at least – came after supporting Michael Buble. How much of an impact did that tour have on your careers and success?

Roger Thomas: Well touring with Michael Buble has put us in front of over 8 million people! We’ve been to countries and continents that we just would have never been to.

Ticketmaster: Aside from Buble, you’ve worked with huge names in the entertainment industry such as Quincy Jones, Coldplay, Mick Hucknall and Ludacris. If you could perform with any other singer or band, who would it be?

Roger Thomas: That would probably be different answers from each member but I think we would all be excited to work with Sting or Stevie Wonder.

Ticketmaster: A capella has been thrown into the spotlight thanks to the Pitch Perfect films. Have you noticed a sharp rise in a capella’s popularity recently?

Roger Thomas: I would have to say yes. More people seem to be aware of the word a cappella and beatbox.

Ticketmaster: Can we expect to hear a few Naturally 7 versions of classics from Australia and New Zealand during your tour? Any word on which songs you might select?

Roger Thomas: We’ve just recorded a version of John Farnham’s ‘You’re the voice’ which I believe is an anthem in Australia! I think we’ll certainly try to pull it off live on the tour.

Ticketmaster: Thank you very much for joining us. We are really excited for your upcoming performances – good luck with the shows!

Roger Thomas: We are just as excited!

Naturally 7 Performance Date

SKYCITY Theatre – September 8

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